Our Guiding Principles

Leverage Point was founded on a solid base of Guiding Principles which provide direction for all of our actions towards our clients and our employees:

Employ The Best 
We hire the best people!  They are Highly Ethical, Creative, Intelligent, Hard Working and Positive.

Customer Focus
The first priority of every employee will be to do what is right for the customer.

Encourage The Individual
We will create an environment in which our employees are encouraged to apply their creativity, skills and experience to exceed the expectations that they have for themselves as well as the expectations of our customers.

Facilitate Career Growth for Our Employees
Our employees will be provided every opportunity to pursue and develop their personal career interests.  

Provide High-Value Services
We will provide high-value services that have a significant positive impact for our customers.


Our History 
Leverage Point was founded in 2006, based on a core belief that the lack of comprehensive support for software quality efforts throughout the development lifecycle results in significant direct and indirect costs related to product quality and delivery.  We had seen organizations struggle with quality process maturity issues.  We had seen organizations struggle with the implementation of effective test automation.  Our goal was to help those organizations both improve the quality of their products and make their quality efforts more cost effective.  Since then, we have helped a myriad of organizations, across a wide variety of business domains and technologies, improve all facets of their software quality processes.  Our engagements have included fully outsourced software testing, custom test automation framework development, performance test engineering, configuration management consulting, build and release engineering and organization quality process improvement.  

Business Domain Experience 
Our proven quality methodologies are highly transferable between business domains.  And, we effectively collaborate with our clients to leverage their domain knowledge to maximize accurate risk assessment and focus quality activities in high-value areas.  We have a successful history of delivering engagements in Finance, Health Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, Pension Administration, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Commercial Business and Technical Software, Utility and the Public Sector. 

Our experience spans all of the popular web, client server and mobile technologies, along with commercial CRM and ERP solutions.  Our tool experience includes a wide variety of commercial and open source test automation, performance testing and test and process management tools.  We have done a large number of custom development projects focused on test automation framework development, process streamlining, build and release engineering and tool integration. 

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