"Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with some class acts. You and your folks qualify."

Chief Financial Officer - Pension and Health Administration Organization

“The Test Automation Framework that Leverage Point developed for us not only allows us to rapidly test thousands of business requirements, but also allows non-technical staff to create and execute automated tests with practically no knowledge of testing software. Now, whether it be by new IT staff or business users, tests can easily be created and run when needed. All they need to know is the application and their business requirements.”

Quality Assurance Manager - Producer-Writers Pension and Health Fund

“Through their outstanding network and extensive years of QA experience, Leverage Point was able to provide my organization with skilled, hard-working consultants who were able to quickly understand our business processes and applications and who provided immediate value in testing our new development.”

Quality Assurance Manager - Specialty Insurance Company

“Before Leverage Point arrived, Stress Testing our application seemed like an enormous task. Within a day of their arrival, we were Stress Testing and identifying the bottlenecks of our application. I would not have wanted to finish the project without them – it would have taken 10 times as long.”

Project Manager - Benefits Administration Association

“We have been using Leverage Point to fill our regular and contract positions with very successful results. They have sent us qualified candidates in our price range which has allowed us to fill our job vacancies quicker than planned. I recommend giving Leverage Point a call for all of your QA needs.”

Director of Quality Assurance - Health Plan Software Provider

“Through our continued partnership with Leverage Point, we have been able to implement one of the industry’s best QA tools, to establish industry best practices for our processes, and leverage automation for both our internal applications and our website to ensure efficiency and optimal performance. This would not have been possible without their experience and partnership.”

Quality Assurance Manager - Specialty Insurance Company

“Leverage Point’s engagement was the PERFECT CONSULTING ENGAGEMENT. We had a problem that we could not solve on our own. Within a day of Leverage Point’s arrival, a productive solution was in place. When the engagement ended, our problem was solved and our staff retained enough knowledge to solve future problems on their own.”

Project Manager - Benefits Administration Association